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Our FlightLog software offers you a comprehensive and powerful package. It covers all your needs and requirements in the area, electronic logbook (flight log), flight duty time management, flight planning and billing. The current Windows version is available for download under the corresponding menu item for free.

On the Summary tab you find information about your general flight time, the flight time per aircraft and the landings. The shown entries in the list are dependant on the entered flights and their types.


  • Total this is the grand total of all flight hours
  • PIC the time you have flown as Pilot In Command
  • Dual 
  • Night if available
  • Instructor if available
  • Last 6 month the ours flown during the last 6 month
  • Last 12 month the ours flown during the last year
  • Last 24 month the ours flown during the last two years


  • Day grand total of all day landings
  • Night grand total of all night landings
  • Night last 3 month
  • Montain total (used in Switzerland)
  • Montain last 12 month (used in Switzerland)


  • Piston total amount of hors flown on a piston aircraft
  • Turbine total amount of hors flown on a turbine aircraft


  •  All flown aircraft will be listed with ists current number of flown hours


  • In the section special fields you see all individually configurred (avialable in the Windows version) fields (e.g. special manouvers, mountain landings, nvg ops and so on)

Customer Reviews

Parfait gestionnaire de vol ! ★★★★★

Chris Alain - 15.3.2016

Bravo !
Pensé pour le pilote exigeant, cet Apps est conviviale et simple d'utilisation, performante et efficace.
Un copilote administratif bien développé et parfaitement fonctionnel, que du bonheur !
Merci aussi à Rotair pour son excellente assistance online et sa réactivité.

Map nach Update nun aufrufbar ★★★★★

iPhone_Swiss - 18.4.2017

Bravo! Das nenne ich Support. An einem Tag die Kritik an der Stabilität und am Tag darauf kommt das Update. Super App, die nun den 5. Stern verdient hat. Danke. (iPhone 7 Plus)

Sehr zufrieden ★★★★★

Wodi5000 - 16.8.2016

Einfach, hat alles was man braucht, guter Service.
Man merkt, dass das ein Pilot gemacht hat.
Sehr zu empfehlen

Nützliches Tool mit kleinen Schwächen ★★★★

Wodi5000 - 10.1.2016

Funktioniert gut, aber man vermisst ein paar Funktionalitäten - oder ich habe sie nicht gefunden, z.B. Löschen von Einträgen.

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An Android version of the Software is available on Google play! If you have any questions please contact us via email

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Flight Planning ROTAIR Software offers easy to use route planning capabilities.

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